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Rock Keyboard for Beginners: An Easy Beginning Method
Rock Keyboard for Beginners: An Easy Beginning Method (AL-00-18411) This book teaches everything you need to know to get started playing rock keyboard. With easy-to-read diagrams, you don't have to read music to start playing right away. Starting with playing cool rock patterns by learning the hands separately, you will then move up to using them together playing chords and melodies. Only then will you begin to learn to read music through an easy step-by-step approach. Learn chords, scales, hot licks and have fun as you play the many songs in this user-friendly book.

Publisher: ALFRED
Publication Date: 7/1998
Medium: Book
Pages: 48
ISBN: 0882849239
Instrument: Keyboard/Piano
Genre: Rock
List Price: $8.50 Manufacturer: ALFRED
Price: $8.50 (Save $10.00) Model Number: AL-00-18411

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