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Kuhn-Cimera Method for Tuba, Book I
Kuhn-Cimera Method for Tuba, Book I (AL-00-EL00086) It has been the aim of the writers to develop a method in which the material is arranged logically from the standpoint of (a) rhythmic development, (b) gradual extension of the range, and (c) development of finger dexterity. An effort has been made to keep the amount of explanatory material at a minimum, leaving the method of presentation to the instructor, who, through frequent contact with the individual pupil, is best qualified to determine the most efficient procedure. This has also allowed a greater amount of space for tunes and musical exercises.

Publisher: ALFRED
Publication Date: 3/1985
Medium: Book
Pages: 52
ISBN: 076922461X
Instrument: Tuba
List Price: $8.95 Manufacturer: ALFRED
Price: $8.95 (Save $10.00) Model Number: AL-00-EL00086

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