Orchestral Horn Excerpts

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A collection of horn excerpts presented as they appear in the original parts and performed in context by various orchestras.

Compiled and created by Daren Robbins.

This book is the companion to the popular hornexcerpts.org website, now hosted by the IHS at www.hornsociety.org/hornexcerpts-org. The 162-page book contains 46 of the most frequently requested works on orchestral horn auditions. The excerpts were chosen based on lists in Douglas Hill's book Collected Thoughts on Teaching and Learning, Creativity, and Horn Performance and Arthur La Bar's Horn Player's Audition Handbook. The excerpts are reproduced from the original horn parts in order to preserve the visual and typographical accuracy. It includes as many important passages of each work as possible, and there is enough material before and after each passage so as not to exclude music that might be requested on an audition, and to give the reader some context.

The book is printed on heavy-weight paper and has plastic covers for durability. The coil binding lays flat on a music stand.

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