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String Rentals

We offer stringed instruments (violin, viola, cello, bass) for rent on a month to month basis (3 month minimum).  All instruments are from William Harris Lee & Company (WH Lee) who are based in Chicago, IL.  

Each instrument comes in various sizes.  If you are unsure about what size instrument you need we are more than happy to measure you, at no extra cost, so that you get the correct instrument.

Every instrument comes with a case, rosin, and cleaning cloth.

If you have questions regarding our string rental program please give us a call at 850.894.8700 or send us an email at


Violin (1/16 - 4/4) Rental Fee

1/16 - 1/4  -  $25/month
1/2 - 4/4  -  $33/month


Viola (12" - 16") 

12"-14"  -  $33/month

15"-16"  -  $36/month

Cello (1/4-4/4)


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